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About Pokécompanion

Why Pokécompanion?

The world of Pokémon is gigantic. With a massive community, all sorts of spin-off games, movies, animes, creepypastas and so much more, there is huge amount of information present on the internet.

As wonderful as that is, it makes finding even basic information like "at what level does this Pokémon evolve" hard to answer sometimes. This is where the Pokécompanion comes in.

This website, and the way it displays content, has been focussed around the mainline Pokémon games from Generations 1 through 9. Selecting a specific game from the "Options" menu will narrow information down to just that specific game as good as possible.

The idea is, that when you're sat down and need a specific bit of information, you should be able to find it here quickly with minimal effort and scrolling required.

And finally, I grew up playing Pokémon games in German before emigrating to the UK and now playing them in English. So I wanted to add the ability to search in multiple languages. In the near future, languages other than English and German will be supported too.


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Massive thank you to pkparaiso for making the animated Sword/Shield Pokemon sprites freely accessible.

Massive thank you to u/adamsb0303 for making the animated Scarlet/Violet Pokemon sprites freely accessible.